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About Solario Link

Welcome to Solario Link, where solar system meets your smart world

Add an Alexa routine to switch on your pool pump when solar power generation is 3Kw

Say "Alexa, tell solar power to give the generation today" or for short "Alexa, solar power" to know your power generation

Harness the power of your solar PV system with our innovative Alexa skill, designed to connect your solar system to Alexa as a device.

Supported Solar Systems

Please note that Solario Link currently supports a limited number of solar systems. We continuously expand our compatibility to accommodate more solar setups.

Currently supported systems:

  • ✔ Goodwe

Key Features

Near Real-time Solar Generation

Get instant access to live solar generation data, empowering you to track your system's performance throughout the day.

Customized Notifications

Set personalized alerts for low or high solar generation levels to optimize energy usage and make the most of your solar power.

Control your devices with your solar system

Start or stop your smart devices based on your power generation.

Seamless Integration

Our skill seamlessly integrates with your Alexa-enabled devices, allowing you to create your own routines based on solar power.

Why Choose Solario Link?

Powerfully Simple

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive voice commands make accessing solar insights a breeze for all users, regardless of technical expertise.

Accuracy Amplified

Trust in real-time and accurate solar generation data, so you can confidently make decisions to maximize your solar potential.

Swift Setup, Swift Savings

Our hassle-free installation process gets you monitoring your solar generation swiftly, no headaches included.

Support That Shines

We're dedicated to delivering exceptional customer support, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience with our skill.

Ready to Unleash Your Solar Potential?

Join theSolario Link community today and seize control of your solar generation like never before. Let your voice lead the way to a brighter and smarter energy future.

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